The Barnswallow

I enjoyed welcoming Spring to Virginia with Photographer Bethany Bandera for this shoot located at The Barn Swallow Artisan Gallery. Anna looked stunning in a simple white dress and a few flowers tucked behind her ear. The effortlessness of the shoot reminded me that sometimes less is truly more.

For Anna’s look, I chose to emphasize her blue eyes with shades of mahogany. Afterwords, I lined her upper lash line with a chocolate eye liner, smudging it out gradually to create a soft smokey effect. I chose a lip color by Bobbi Brown called 'blue rasberry.’ I let her natural skin shine through, keeping the foundation light and minimal. Lastly, I finished off her look with a cheek color called Gerbera by Stila.

Florals By: Barnswallow Blooms

Fall Decadence

Fall has a decadent feeling about it in the Blue ridge Mountains of Virginia, doesn’t it? The rich Autumnal landscape envelopes the senses in notes of burgundy, crimson orange, brilliant yellow, and, fiery red. This is why I am so excited to share this lovely shoot dreamed by Katarzyna Borek and captured by Jen Fariello. We wanted the theme to convey the richness that fall in this area of the country brings us. I wanted to convey this richness as well in the models makeup while remaining true to my aesthetic of natural, beautiful makeup. I went with the Color “Crimson” by Bobbi Brown for the lip which blended beautifully with the gorgeous colors found in the bouquet Katarzyna crafted from scratch. For the skin, I used a rose gold highlighter by RMS to give her skin the same luminous glow as the autumn landscape. For her eyes, I went with a soft smokey eye with hints of gold, for this I used the Laid Bare palette by Lily Lolo.

Enjoy the images!


Thank you to the following:

Images: Jen Fariello, Florals & Design: Katarzyna Borek, Hair: Topknot Studio, Dress: Sealed With A Kiss, Makeup: Elizabeth Wilson, Videography: Amanda Monroe Finn

Sunset Winter Bridal Portraits

For this look featured on Glamour and Grace I chose to keep the look minimal but well defined. Bridget had such beautiful features that I simply wanted to emphasize them with shades of rich chocolate brown and highlight them with a soft rose gold highlighter. These colors lent themselves to the entire theme as the setting sun brought out the burgundy highlights in Bridget's hair and washed the landscape in a veil of gold . There was a warmth to the entire look that is so reminiscent of a fire on a winter day, this was reflected back in the gentle warmth of Bridget's brown eyes.

Winter is such a wonderful time to work with berry tones, deep browns, golden highlights, shimmering creams, and rich caramel colors. The original blog post and full set of vendors involved can be found at Glamour and Grace. Thank you Lindsey Zovko as always for the lovely photos! 


A Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding Inspiration

As August is upon us,  I take a trip down memory lane to A Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding Inspiration. 

To create this look, I paired Andrea's copper-honey hair with a burgundy lip. I chose a bold organic lip color by Ilia Beauty: "Femme Fatale" as I believe it contrasted beautifully against her pale dress. It also served as a focal point against a muted color palette. For her eyes I chose a bronze shade of cream shadow by RMS. Lastly, I chose a matte blush in the shade "Apple Blossom" by Alima Pure to add a subtle depth to her cheek bones. 

Bethany Snyder Photography captured the timeless quality of love in these images. Andrea is wearing Gossamer Vintage and her hair is styled by Topknot Studio. The florals were crafted by Katarzyna Borek. The full inspiration can be found here: A Midsummer Nights Dream Wedding Inspiration.

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lull’d in these flowers with dances and delight
— Shakespeare

Beauty Illuminated

 As an artist I am continually drawing upon the natural world for inspiration. The intricate wings of a dragonfly, the illuminated moon at night, an opalescent shell found on the beach- all have celestial qualities that can be found in every bride. This is why I love as an artist to use natural and organic makeup whenever possible. Beauty is truly found within us as living beings and reflected back to us in nature. Bridal Makeup that correctly draws in the right elements of color and works in synergy with the skin can transform a bride into her most radiant self. 


Products used:

Hallo Illuminator by Vapour Organic Beauty

Lip-Aura Multi-Use Classic in "Courtesan" by Vapour Organic Beauty

Swannanoa Styled Shoot-Swannanoa Styled Shoot-0154.jpg
Swannanoa Styled Shoot-Swannanoa Styled Shoot-0173.jpg
 To see a a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.
— William Blake